Goody goody goody! I am going to go on a trip. I think the trip will be the best thing in the world except for some other things. But I think this one will be rated 2000, just 3 less than all the others. Well, maybe not. Oh, in case you’re wondering, I’m going to Canada. Read all about it at my parent’s website.

Well, I’m going to CANADA!

Well this might be a long paragraph, but it’s a whole paragraph of a few recipes. So here are the recipes. Start a new paragraph, a long one please.

The recipe for going to Canada. (There will also be other recipes too.)

Things you will need to make it:

  • A pan
  • A stove
  • Your hands
  • Your eyes
  • And the last thing you will need to make it is the special ingredient, and that can be whatever you want! That’s the special ingredient!

And how to make it is:

  • First, you should put these ingredients: a whole bunch of strawberries and some melted chocolate in the pan.
  • Then, scoop it up. 
  • Put it back in the pan and start cooking it. (Let an adult do this.)
  • If you are a child and you have somebody else to watch the stove, make the table and clear it too.
  • Now, use your hands to pat the table and get some dough and then pat the dough.
  • Cook the dough. Use your eyes to watch it. And when it’s ready, and the other stuff is too, then set it at the table and let the family eat it!
  • Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yes, Fiona is very excited to be going on a long road trip with us. Up through Oregon and Washington and into Canada. Spend 3 weeks there and head on back. Where will we go next? Phoenix, Arizona where friends are moving to?

  2. The publisher says: Mommy, that`s true, but no, it does not belong. And anyway, this blog is not about the trip. bye.

  3. At least we know what's partially important, what's completely important, and what to use our eyes for.

  4. Fiona,

    I notice on this blog there is a lot about eyes. I am especially intrigued by the recipe for exploding eyes.

    I don't think the exploding eyes and chocolate strawberry mixture would go very well together, but I like them all. What I was thinking, is if you explode your eyes when you stay at my house you should make sure you can clean up the guck even if you can't see for a while. Otherwise, you will slip on the exploding eye guck and that would be, well… yuck!


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