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desert lot friend move: the post

My aunt and uncle-y people are moving away, to build on a place in the desert. (If it was made of cake, it’d be in the dessert.) Their names are Terry and Virgie and I’ve known them for most of my life. I’m not gonna see them as much anymore, but we’ll still get to visit! They have a dog, too. Her name is Willow. I love dogs. I’ll miss telling Terry what flavor of ice cream his suit looks like.

Anyhow, we went to see the property! It was big. It was like a big slice of dirt. We took some photos. Obviously.

image (1)

dirt heart

There was also a sunset, but I don’t have pictures of that. And we went to Mimi’s afterwards. I think? I don’t really remember. It was a lot of fun, though!

Terry and Virgie are going to build their house there. It’ll grow slowly out of the ground, like tomatoes. They’ll farm their fresh houses and maybe even sell them for 59 cents per pound. People will line up for homegrown homes. It’ll become a world famous business. Cheap houses, fresh from the vine. Exactly what the world always needed!

I wonder if I had anything else to say. I can’t think of anything. This is the end! Have a good day!

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