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I’ve been drawing a lot recently!! This is my favorite of all the things I’ve ever drawn. Her name is Amaryllis, which is a kind of flower. For some reason My Father is impressed that I can draw the same person multiple times. The picture is really blurry though. Sorry about that.

I might put more of my drawings in here later! Or maybe make more posts. For now I’m gonna watch the rain outside because why is it raining in Arizona that’s unnatural

I went to a concert!!!

A few days ago (I don’t actually remember what day but I think it was last week) I went to a concert! It was really cool! I got to hear a lot of music I like and I got a bracelet, but the COOLEST thing is that I got the set list!!! Signed!!!
I also got to eat a cupcake and find some candy I hadn’t eaten in years, but that’s not as exciting. It was super fun!!!

I think that’s all I can think of to post about. Okay!

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