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Fiona’s Own Chinese – falonea woqne cine

So did you know that I have my own Chinese? Well maybe in the end I can make some English words and then translate them to my own Chinese. Isn’t that cool? I like it. If only I was Chinese. Because I like China. I have a Panda of my own even. Myown! He he! (Myown! is said like my own) So time for Chinese sentence. The English sentence is: picture time in my mind. Whew! Now Fiona will translate her own Chinese from English to Chinese: la pickua teame mi zu meyus. Okay. Now that you know picture time in my mind in my very own Chinese sentence let me say it for you. la-pick-oo-a team-e-me-zoo-me-us. There now you know how to say it. And at last pictureate it. The End.

Do You See My Plants? Do You See My Plants? Tell me in your comments you see my plants!

Do you see my plants? Did you know that they are growing? Do you see both of them? Or just one? Answer these questions in your comment. To get into the bean plants let’s say you are inside of the bean plants (I sometimes call them blean plants) and that you think they are venus fly traps and that you are a fly. You are the one that likes the sugary droplets inside a venus fly trap. As you see you’d be inside the stems because there would be no way else to make you be inside a venus fly trap. To get out of the venus fly traps and the red squiggles let’s say you were riding through a submarine into the ocean pretending you were swimming inside the submarine. Haaahaaahaaa!!!!!

Did you see that balloon go? Where did it go? Did you see it? It’s in the living room now. Go before it flies out the window. Get it! Don’t you see it? Hurry up. It’s flying out the window. Get it, get it!!!!!!!!!! Do you see it, do you see it? Oh, sorry I’m talking about the plants. Sorry about the balloon. Bean plants. Bye, bye! Oh and the bean plants would like to say hello. Say hello bean plants.

This is My Watch Me Grow! Bean Plants – They are Growing, Don’t You See?

The title is like a tune. But let’s get into the bean plants. They were planted not too long ago from this Friday 19. So I decided to water them every Saturday and Tuesday. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now here’s the recipe for bean plants.

Bean seeds, dirt, a pot, some water.

Here are the instructions for making bean plants.

Put some dirt in a pot. Then put the seeds in. Then water them and wait and water them 2 days each week. So don’t you see? The End.

Me and My Tree (Pretend it is Music)

This is me and my tree standing together in the front yard. There’s no fence, my mommy got the picture. But to continue the tree. You see there are lots of blossoms as you can see in the picture. I like the blossoms. Everyday it looks like it’s closer to spring than it was yesterday. So-o, yeah like that, so as you see in these blossoms they’re pretty much all white. Do you see me?! Do you see me?! The End

My Nose Doesn’t Explode But My Eyes Do

As you know eyes exploding doesn’t seem very interesting. Now here’s the ingredients and recipe for making your eyes explode. Laughing. Sneezing. Looking too much. Clapping. Coughing. And jumping. And the recipe is:

Laugh. Sneeze. Look too much. Clap. Cough. Jump. Then stir all of those together. Eat it and your eyes explode. As long as you cook it, and let it cool down hot.

If you are … my cold…,

If you are reading this it means you know I have a cold. Plus in all of the cold at least the cold’s up to me and I’m up to the cold. Now, the colds of life have all been around and I have one of them. Also a cold can stay for a few days, maybe even eight days. (Cough, cough, cough) Now those coughs describe my cold. Also I can’t care but say also a lot. Also, also, also, also, also, also. Now if you describe my cold and the description of this in your comment it means the picture is “off the road of the car and is outside the car and running back home.”

Now if you believe me I have a cold. And it might not be away soon. It hasn’t gone away for a few days. It’s just about been three or two or one day(s). Now this cold is very unusual. Now just a little bit more and I will be finished. The cold doesn’t go away it seems. It seems as if it came out of the blue and will not go away because it came out of the blue. Sky I would say. (Some people say blue for the sky.) Just a little bit more…just one bit more.

I do not love colds. The end.

Openings? Closings? Who Will Choose? Why?

Let’s start with openings – have you ever thought of a door that was always open and would never close even if someone tried to close it? It’s amazing how openings are not doors. They are windows! So if a door is stuck open, try pulling harder or getting some help closing it. Then you can at least go with uhm… the amazing parts of your la la, well not exactly la la, but strong arms.

Go with closings – have you ever thought of a door that was always closed and would never open if you tried to? This is really very much related to the let’s start with openings. So as you all know if you are reading this that you should know about how to open and close. If the door will not open try getting someone to help you push it open. ehelp?!

Now at last go with a mixture – have you ever thought of doing it both at the same time? That’s a marathon olose. Now at last we are picturated.