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Once long ago,there was SNOW!

Hi,recently it snowed. Long,long ago,I had a dream where Rachelle was driving a car and it was snowing inside the car but not OUTSIDE.  Uh,a photo of me in real snow comes next.REALLY! I MEAN IT! So, ok,comment & um,uh-bye!

Fiona playing in snow
Look! Fiona in snow!

Fiona`s 3 new dolls.

So,I have 3 dolls,Maureen,who is sisters with Lily and Mary is their cousin. Maureen is from Scotland,Lily is a artist and Mary is,um,a REGULAR GIRL! Well,not regular,more of so “prim and proper” that she`s ordinary. However,she is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL! Oh,and the reason she`s THE PRITTIEST is because she is the neatest-cleanest.    


Lilly,Mary,And Maureen (Going from left to right)

I am so bored! And also in new jersey,of course!

Hiya! Did you miss me? I,uh-Wait,did you just say no? Oh well. So,as you can tell,I am BORED! Bored out of my mind-my mind,do you hear me? My mind! Uh,did   I  say that too loud? I think you said yes. So,I am in-as you can guess-NJ. So with me-hey,uh,nah,next-post talk.-I am in new jersey,and I am STILL BORED OUT OF MY-mind.MY MIND!!! So,uh,please comment,and,uh,bye.