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I’m back!

Hey, I’m back! Did anyone miss my posts? Rachelle? Any-hoo, uh…i’m eating popcorn and I really like it. Rachelle,  how about a video chat someday soon, Rachelle!

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Sorry! Hey, blue is my favorite color!  Rachelle, look at the color for you!

I miss you, Rachelle.


So what? ♥Miss you, Rachelle!






By the way…

Read this if you can!

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What do I make my next post about?










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A Mopple is a Ninian fruit. Mopples look like star fruits on the left side, and on the right side they look like a circle. They are the same color as a star fruit on the outside, and on the inside a swirl of the colors brown, pink, and white. They taste like a star fruit mixed with strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. They’re found in a city in Ninia called Efut. (pronounced Ef-oo-tte) Learn more about Mopples in another post! It’ll even have a picture!

I discovered a game and site called Roblox!

Sorry that I don’t have a picture of it yet, but I bet I will soon!

Anyhow, Roblox is a game where you have a little character that is made out of blocks, and it builds.

The end???


There’s more to it than that!

On Roblox, you can check out places other players built, meet other Robloxians, make your own exiting places, customize your character, and maybe a few other things. Roblox people are called Robloxians. Robloxians are called Robloxians because…well…the game is called Roblox, isn’t it?


Lorrege [pronounced LORE edge]

Lorrege is delicious.

You can eat the roots, the stem, and the flowers.

The roots can be eaten raw. They taste like potato chips. Cooked, they taste like corn on the cob. The roots are bright red.

The stem is crunchy and tastes like vanilla and crackers. It is round and white with pale pink stripes. Cooked, it turns to mush and tastes like vanilla pudding with peaches.

The flowers taste like limes with a little spice; maybe ginger. Cooked, they taste like dirty socks with frog tongues and hot sauce.

Most people eat the flowers raw.

They are orange, yellow, red, and white—each petal is a different solid color.

Lorrege is not only delicious, it is beautiful.

(Submitted by Fiona’s daddy at her request that he write about a new food he made up.)