The Panda Story

Once there were two pandas, Cin and Fluffy. they lived in a cave, with a river near it and plenty of bamboo, at a bamboo forest. But the river dried up, and so did the bamboo. Cin told her mother, “We are going to look for fresh bamboo. We’ll be home soon.” They headed out…

After a while, they found running water and fresh, green bamboo. “We did it Sistee! We found it!” Fluffy ran in circles with joy. “Yes, but now we have to find our way home!” Cin looked at the sky. It was getting dark, she noticed, and cloudy. “Fluffy, it’s getting late and it looks like rain. We should find shelter.” Fluffy looked around. “Like under that tree?” she asked. “Sure.” Cin and Fluffy hid under the tree, and eventually fell asleep…

In the morning, Cin woke up to the sound of Fluffy screaming “SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKEEEEEEEE! There’s a snake! On that leaf! AAAAAH!!!” There was a yellowish-green snake in the tree. “Well then stop screaming and… uh… I have no idea.” The snake moves to another leaf…

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Book Report of The Secret Garden


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My mom asked me to do a book report of The Secret Garden, because today I finished reading it (for the 43rd time).
It’s about a ten-year-old girl named Mary Lennox whose parents die in India, so she’s sent to live in her uncle’s huge mansion in England. She’s very spoiled at first, and she finds out that her uncle’s wife died ten years ago and he locked up the garden.
So, it’s a book about Mary tracking down the locked up garden and making some friends.
I really like it because it feels so magical, with the boy “animal charmer” and everything in the house, and everything about the robin and the actual secret garden.

I’t goode; hg. Bird s

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some more late thoughts

once i went to a coffee shop and in one room of that coffee shop was a white piano and a white bench and a marker and people had written stuff all over the piano and the bench with the marker and honestly i thought that was so cool.
i really like that kind of stuff.
i think it’s really neat.
people years from now may never meet you, never know you, never know anything about you, and you can scratch something into a tree or a wall or write it on a chair and someone out there will see that and know you exist.
you know what would be cool
when you’re about to move out of a house, leaving a note somewhere. maybe a letter. or part of a journal. or would that end up getting cleaned out? either way someone would see it.
i like thinking about that kind of stuff. i want to do that kind of stuff. leave notes in cracks and write on trees and just. leave little messages for people who will never even know me.

it sounds like something out of a story. well i’d read that.
someone moving into a new house and finding a journal about the life of whoever lived there before them.

i think that should be a thing people do. leave notes all over the world. maybe it is. maybe not. i guess people don’t really think about that kind of stuff.

not just because i want people to know i exist. i want people to have the experience of finding messages from someone they’ll probably never meet. messages meant just for them.

because that sounds really magical.

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isnt the whole world so cool. plants grow and buildings fall apart. in one house i lived in, there used to be a sandbox in the yard. there still is, but the earth just kinda swallowed it. now it’s just a little lump in the ground. maybe no one will ever even know there used to be a sandbox there. there could be anything anywhere. i wonder who else used to live in this house. was this another little girls room? or something else? there could have been a baby. or a boy in high school. or it could have been an office once. there’s a bedroom next to mine. but it’s not a bedroom. it’s the music room. you can call something a bedroom, but once people are living in the house it can be whatever they want. someone could have been painting there. or made a little museum. or maybe it was just a normal bedroom.

my bookshelves are weird. i have one shelf with all the stuff i would have read when i was 3. a thomas the train book. a sesame street book. lots of disney stuff. but then on the same shelf is the royal road to romance and a huge german dictionary. i dont think most of those things go together. nothing on my bookshelves really go together that well. on one shelf i have a little toy castle. i think it used to have a key. i know it used to have a tiny little princess. but she was very small, and i lost her. i dont think we have her anymore. so i wonder where she could be now. i don’t even remember when i lost her. so that little princess could be anywhere.

i think its kind of sad that there are people who havent traveled as much as i have. maybe its like how people always think its sad that i havent ridden a bike. its not really that sad. its just really fun for the person who does do it.

i have a picture of my best friend on a shelf and to keep it from falling i have it pressed against a wall with a box of my own teeth

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desert lot friend move: the post

My aunt and uncle-y people are moving away, to build on a place in the desert. (If it was made of cake, it’d be in the dessert.) Their names are Terry and Virgie and I’ve known them for most of my life. I’m not gonna see them as much anymore, but we’ll still get to visit! They have a dog, too. Her name is Willow. I love dogs. I’ll miss telling Terry what flavor of ice cream his suit looks like.

Anyhow, we went to see the property! It was big. It was like a big slice of dirt. We took some photos. Obviously.

image (1)

dirt heart

There was also a sunset, but I don’t have pictures of that. And we went to Mimi’s afterwards. I think? I don’t really remember. It was a lot of fun, though!

Terry and Virgie are going to build their house there. It’ll grow slowly out of the ground, like tomatoes. They’ll farm their fresh houses and maybe even sell them for 59 cents per pound. People will line up for homegrown homes. It’ll become a world famous business. Cheap houses, fresh from the vine. Exactly what the world always needed!

I wonder if I had anything else to say. I can’t think of anything. This is the end! Have a good day!

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I’ve been drawing a lot recently!! This is my favorite of all the things I’ve ever drawn. Her name is Amaryllis, which is a kind of flower. For some reason My Father is impressed that I can draw the same person multiple times. The picture is really blurry though. Sorry about that.

I might put more of my drawings in here later! Or maybe make more posts. For now I’m gonna watch the rain outside because why is it raining in Arizona that’s unnatural

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I went to a concert!!!

A few days ago (I don’t actually remember what day but I think it was last week) I went to a concert! It was really cool! I got to hear a lot of music I like and I got a bracelet, but the COOLEST thing is that I got the set list!!! Signed!!!
I also got to eat a cupcake and find some candy I hadn’t eaten in years, but that’s not as exciting. It was super fun!!!

I think that’s all I can think of to post about. Okay!

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I went on a trip to California for four days last week! I got to play with my sister, and eat pizza, and pet lots of animals! It was a lot of fun! I didn’t get any pictures though, so I just have to talk about it. We stayed in a travel trailer and that was really cool. On the second day we got to see fireworks from a distance. They were really pretty. Rachelle found a bunch of really old stuff at our grandma’s house so we wrote a song about some of it. We made a lot of funny videos too, and everywhere we went people had cute pets. It was really fun!!!

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A thing about the world of my story

Here’s something about the world the characters from this post are in!

So, in the story universe, everyone is born with some type of power that makes them naturally better at a certain thing. Like, if you had an animal-themed power, animals would love you and you’d make a great animal trainer or breeder or whatever, so most people focus on the things related to their power. Some are rarer than others, and some parents give their children names based on their power. An example of a very common power is plants, and a rare power is space.

The character’s themes are light, snow, music, plants, and space. Can you guess who has which power? OooOoOoOOOooo mysteryyyyy.

This post took me 40 minutes to think of

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Miniature museum!

On Friday (tomorrow) I get to go to

a museum of miniatures.
I love miniatures.

They have really cool stuff too like a history themed part and a part with miniatures based on stuff all around the world…

I can’t wait!! On the website I saw pictures of some of the history and around the world stuff and they’re really cool! They have fantasy themed stuff too. Tomorrow is gonna be awesome!

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