Colorado Aquarium Field Trip

Mrs. Parker’s Kindergarten class is going on a field trip to the aquarium Thursday April 7, 2011. Fiona promised them a page where they could leave comments about their field trip. She gave each student a handmade journal the day before when we visited the classroom. They took the journals with them to the aquarium so they could take notes of their trip and then share them with Fiona here on this page.

And here they are:

I saw an octopus! It had 8 legs and it was kind of orangy-pink and it was sticking on the wall of the tank! – Sydney

We saw a fish that was black! – Jaime

I saw a blue shark! It had sharp teeth and it had a long tail! – Luis

I saw a big fish and it was blue underwater. It was swimming around with other fish. It was really big. – Luella

I saw a lot of jelly fish, they were light purple. – Junior

We saw a TIGER! – Carolina

They have Tigers at the Aquarium! Can you believe it?! He was trying to eat us! But he was behind glass and couldn’t get us. – Naiya

I saw a stingray. – Jennifer

A stingray is a fish because, it has scales, fins, tail, eyes, mouth, gills, a backbone, and it’s cold blooded, and it lives in the water. We got to pet the stingray!! – Eli

I drew a picture of the sea star in my journal! – Darline


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