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Leanin’ Tree Museum

Last Saturday we visited the Leanin’ Tree Museum. They had all these cool sculptures outside. A couple they even let you play on. The signs said it was okay. It was lots of fun!


Fiona rides the donkey. Is it Donkey from Shrek?

mountain lion

Fiona tells the mountain lion, "down boy".


Fun trying out a saddle

Dinosaur Ridge and P.E.

Last Friday Fiona went to Dinosaur Ridge and Timberline Park. This was a great field trip for Science and a great outdoor activity for P.E. She enjoyed digging for fossils though none were ever found. She made a new friend at the park.

More day trips are coming up!

Movie Comment Page

This page is really truly for MOVIEs only.Pics optinal.Optinal Means not needed but may be used.Renember my first 3 posts,Like anyone would read anything that said JDBbdusdhgHJGbo, And thats all it says! How about one that says: Movie.

Kindergarten in Colorado Again

Yesterday we went back to visit Mrs. Parker’s Kindergarten class. Fiona will have to add her own comments later. She had fun playing with the kids and handing out the journals our family made for them.

The class is going to the aquarium today and we’ve created a page just for them to add comments about their trip.

Enjoy the pictures! We respectfully don’t show entire clear faces of children without their parent’s permission.