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isnt the whole world so cool. plants grow and buildings fall apart. in one house i lived in, there used to be a sandbox in the yard. there still is, but the earth just kinda swallowed it. now it’s just a little lump in the ground. maybe no one will ever even know there used to be a sandbox there. there could be anything anywhere. i wonder who else used to live in this house. was this another little girls room? or something else? there could have been a baby. or a boy in high school. or it could have been an office once. there’s a bedroom next to mine. but it’s not a bedroom. it’s the music room. you can call something a bedroom, but once people are living in the house it can be whatever they want. someone could have been painting there. or made a little museum. or maybe it was just a normal bedroom.

my bookshelves are weird. i have one shelf with all the stuff i would have read when i was 3. a thomas the train book. a sesame street book. lots of disney stuff. but then on the same shelf is the royal road to romance and a huge german dictionary. i dont think most of those things go together. nothing on my bookshelves really go together that well. on one shelf i have a little toy castle. i think it used to have a key. i know it used to have a tiny little princess. but she was very small, and i lost her. i dont think we have her anymore. so i wonder where she could be now. i don’t even remember when i lost her. so that little princess could be anywhere.

i think its kind of sad that there are people who havent traveled as much as i have. maybe its like how people always think its sad that i havent ridden a bike. its not really that sad. its just really fun for the person who does do it.

i have a picture of my best friend on a shelf and to keep it from falling i have it pressed against a wall with a box of my own teeth

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