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It’s delicious!

A ingredients:

21 ounces of sugar
2 ounces of butter
15 ounces of bread
2 ounces seaweed – chopped
16 ounces almonds
21 tbsp. lemonade


Put all the ingredients in a bowl and cook for 20 minutes. Except leave out the seaweed and chop it. Then put it in a pan. And it’s finished! And eat it. A nutritious treat would keep in your hand even on a trip. Bring it anywhere.

Vets and Doctors Nuts Bites

(help ya to become a voctor! A voctor is someone who takes care of pets and also takes care of people. I am one!)

Also, what you will need:
A bowl
A spoon
A pan
Some lemonade
Some soda
20 ounces of sugar
2 ounces of apple

And what you need to do:

Take the pan and adjust the time to 2100 hours. Add all the ingredients to the bowl. Stir. Add all the contents to the pan. Cook. And they’re ready. Vets and doctors keep you healthy!

La Bugra Sayse

(a Chinese treat that never keeps secrets)


13 ounces of eggs
91 ounces of bread
12 ounces of oil

A pan
A bowl
A spoon

Chocolate (19 ounces)

Some nuts – however much nuts you like

A bowl of soup


Add the lemonade to the bowl. Then crack the eggs and put them in. Next add the 19 ounces of chocolate and stir with a spoon. Add the rest of the stuff. Cook for 19 minutes and they are ready. Chinese treats never keep.

Nutritious Nut Bites

(It’s not too sweet!)


13 ounces of peanuts
9 ounces of chocolate
19 ounces of delicious sugar
19 ounces of coffee
19 ounces of lemonade
2 ounces of almonds
9 ounces of apple


Put 13 ounces of peanuts in a bowl. Stir it. Add the coffee and lemonade. Add the rest of the ingredients. Cook for 2 hours. And in 2 hours they are ready! A nutritious treat to keep in sweet.

Locha Mocha Treats

(Tastes like coffee)


3 ounces of sugar
9 measurements of coffee
yummy pieces of chocolate
19 ounces of nuts


(make sure to add a bowl)

Take a bowl, (then get a spoon). Then put all the ingredients in your bowl and stir them. (then don’t forget to put them in a pan.)

Cook for 12 minutes. And then they’re already done.

They’re a delicious treat. Make them all the time. They’re nutritious too.

Turkle Time Now?

Not yet! But I’ll just tell you. It’s kite day today. Type day today too! So I just want to tell you again that I’m going to create a special events book of languages. It’s going to be great! The end.