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Turecle Time

As a thinking of a turecle which might be the same. Ha ha! A turecle you show would be none funking thinking. Yeah! Which might not be in italics. So think of me. Today! Today! Today! Today! Is kite day.

For Tella, From Foahz

Hi Tella. I’m just thinking of today. It’s just some sort of a thing that’s weird. I want to tell you tomorrow that I’m gonna be going to Gionna’s house. So I’m going to have to cancel coming to your house tomorrow because it’s just a decide. It’s some sort of a kite day today. I think I might visit you today Tella. In the evening and night time it’s going to be the same thing as saving this now. As a design this is my note to you. Bye! I’ll see you soon. Today.

Anyway that is James and me up there.

Every Dinner

Today dinner was great – my “perftect” chicken – yeah!!! Which is a success, yummy rice. Anyway my style of makeup would be blue eye shadow, purple eyes, pink blush and a beautiful style of hair. Anyway, I love the peas and corn too. Colors are beautiful. Arrow.

Why I Have New Followers Every Day

Some sort of a thing almost the whole family is following on the blog except for Rachelle I think. Anyway, Ferrin has became a follower too. I hope you pick my picture and don’t call mommy Foona anymore. Anyway Ferrin is the name of one of the Stephens. Anyway. Now I’ve changed my name to Foahz. Which makes me feel HAPPY!! Today! Yeah!

My Sadness Azin

My sadness azin is not a just morsel of today’s type but is a morsel of Rachelle. That’s just how it is – sad first, happy next. But last mad. I don’t have my choice yet. I think I like the happy the best. The sad and mad aren’t the best to me. Sa za! Bye bye!

My Funny Sleepover Thought

Tonight at my sleepover with my big sister Rachelle, which I am 5 and won’t tell you I’m 6 or any other age, well…I think that I’m going to do it tonight which I am 5 so I won’t tell you any other age. Which at least I can’t think of any other age to have a sleepover with my big sister Rachelle. Which I did tell you that she’s a big sister – mine of course…But I see that this vava could be today’s nice blog blog cause I know that today is fly a kite day again. Izzy. Cause I know that today ugh guy guy guy guy. Sa la! Goodbye!

My Blogspot Story

My Blogspot Story

Once upon a time, well I mean at my Blogspot, it was fly a kite day. When I was two. I mean three. But I didn’t have any kite to fly. But I wanted a kite to fly because I love to fly kites. And I don’t want to miss any fly a kite day because I love flying kites. And if it’s not too windy, funnies will start jumping on banana peels, which means I need to start flying a kite on fly a kite day. Which is always Saturday too. Because I know all about fly a kite day. Blah, blah. At least you know aozha.

The End

My Funny Thought About Funnies Today

Something new that’s funny about funnies is that they might want to jump way on to your house at night. So watch out for them without bananas to jump on. And that’s the only part of this one for today. I’ll do another one. Bye bye.