Book Report of The Secret Garden


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My mom asked me to do a book report of The Secret Garden, because today I finished reading it (for the 43rd time).
It’s about a ten-year-old girl named Mary Lennox whose parents die in India, so she’s sent to live in her uncle’s huge mansion in England. She’s very spoiled at first, and she finds out that her uncle’s wife died ten years ago and he locked up the garden.
So, it’s a book about Mary tracking down the locked up garden and making some friends.
I really like it because it feels so magical, with the boy “animal charmer” and everything in the house, and everything about the robin and the actual secret garden.

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2 thoughts on “Book Report of The Secret Garden

  1. I just watched this movie. I too liked the storyline very much. I bet the book is even better. Have you watched the movie? Which did you prefer?

    Smiles to you!
    Ms. Kopp

  2. I have not seen the movie (by which I mean: I’m more or less pretty sure that I did actually watch it once, but I don’t remember it well.) But I read the book first, and whichever one I get to first is always the one I like more. It’s a good book!!!

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