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Openings? Closings? Who Will Choose? Why?

Let’s start with openings – have you ever thought of a door that was always open and would never close even if someone tried to close it? It’s amazing how openings are not doors. They are windows! So if a door is stuck open, try pulling harder or getting some help closing it. Then you can at least go with uhm… the amazing parts of your la la, well not exactly la la, but strong arms.

Go with closings – have you ever thought of a door that was always closed and would never open if you tried to? This is really very much related to the let’s start with openings. So as you all know if you are reading this that you should know about how to open and close. If the door will not open try getting someone to help you push it open. ehelp?!

Now at last go with a mixture – have you ever thought of doing it both at the same time? That’s a marathon olose. Now at last we are picturated.

The Doors Are Always Open – to Me

That’s because there are no doors. They are just little openings. So, you should be able to find your way around easily. Especially if there are no doors – only openings. So, if it soon you can come.