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Theme Song of Pink Strawberry Land and Other Adventure Songs

Fiona wrote these songs some time ago.

The Theme song of Pink Strawberry Land

Strawberries are pink, not red.
Everyday there’s time to play.
But that’s all to say for today.
Thanks for a theme.
This is a real song.

Save The Pink Balloons

The balloons are going to be popped by
the wind on this most sunny day.
But that’s all to say, for today.
Save the balloons!

Strawberries Straw Bear

So many strawberries grow around you.
You could make a strawberry milkshake.
But most of all if you have
different kinds of fruits all around you,
you could just listen to them all day long.
But bye-bye everyday is just
what you don’t have to say.

Strawberry Balloons

The balloons of here are all pink.
But the one balloon called the
balloon suner is blue.
If you can believe it a diamond is
more than one speck.
All sorts of colors and shapes
in the dullers.

Sleep Day

Don’t sleep at day.
It’s too much
bright at day.
Just don’t go away.
Every night go to sleep.
Just not at day.
That means every day
you lay down.

Theme Song of The Little Town of Fly Land

The little town of Fly Land
( in song mode )

Where the stuffed
animals fly.

Yes, little land
of Fly Land.

It’s little.
It’s a land.

It’s tiny.
It has fly in front of its name.
Oh if I could visit some
where soon I could visit it.
Yes I could but it’s not the same
as it could be.

Yes little land of Fly Land.
Stuffed animals can fly
not like the people can
their owners and friends.

But whether you’re a
stuffed animal or owner
or friend it doesn’t matter.
You can fly in Fly Land.

Oh but if you do have a
chance to fall you have a
friend there. Even stuffed
animals can talk and
move on their own.

Yes, the entze.