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A Pet Getting Excersise, and Going to McDonalds!

YAAAY! So, today there’s only one picture to show you.

This is me, I’m a Fiona-pet!

I'm a pet, I need excersise too!

I’m a pet, I need excersise too!


Maybe when I DON’T have to get all confused about the way the pictures make the text be all wacky, I’ll write more about traveling.

Also, I had McDonalds for dinner and I got a cool black toy thing that fires little blue things when you press these buttons!


My Baby Pet

Another story Fiona dictated to me at age 3. These are not spelling errors you see; they are the words as she said them to me.

Fun. Once upon a time braids. They were splaining all around with little red riding hood and her (moms). My baby pet is very heavy to hold but it was happy. It was wagging its tail by doing this…flickl, flickl, flickl. Flag and dressy wag. My baby cow 3. But 2 baby cows. Baby cow 3 and 2.

Today we’re going play calls. Today for everybody to not come over. But today they are coming over tonight. But as soon as they get changed; but it’s kind of snowy tonight. But they knew they would put on their hats and make a snowman. Today their snowman was made out of night moon. Today they were sliding. By circling their tails…straking, glide. But their tails were going away.

I’m your little kid’s holding your baby pet. Today they flew. Bloobleie Bolooblie day 2 from to to to from two to one. Clauplinine time. Climb eye me. Sham leme low. Climb oh.

Climb in a tubily. I’m so my baby. My baby pet now.

Qwert me!

How to describe the title:

  • A virtual pet game
  • Qwert may be what you name your virtual pet
  • The way I found Qwert and Qwerty was I found it on the keyboard
  • And last I think I would like to say that I think it should just be what your virtual pet says when it sees you walking by it.
  1. Pets are best
  2. Life is boring and three…
  3. I don’t think anybody pays attention to me unless I don’t pay attention to them.