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Turkle Time Now?

Not yet! But I’ll just tell you. It’s kite day today. Type day today too! So I just want to tell you again that I’m going to create a special events book of languages. It’s going to be great! The end.

My Funny Sleepover Thought

Tonight at my sleepover with my big sister Rachelle, which I am 5 and won’t tell you I’m 6 or any other age, well…I think that I’m going to do it tonight which I am 5 so I won’t tell you any other age. Which at least I can’t think of any other age to have a sleepover with my big sister Rachelle. Which I did tell you that she’s a big sister – mine of course…But I see that this vava could be today’s nice blog blog cause I know that today is fly a kite day again. Izzy. Cause I know that today ugh guy guy guy guy. Sa la! Goodbye!

My Blogspot Story

My Blogspot Story

Once upon a time, well I mean at my Blogspot, it was fly a kite day. When I was two. I mean three. But I didn’t have any kite to fly. But I wanted a kite to fly because I love to fly kites. And I don’t want to miss any fly a kite day because I love flying kites. And if it’s not too windy, funnies will start jumping on banana peels, which means I need to start flying a kite on fly a kite day. Which is always Saturday too. Because I know all about fly a kite day. Blah, blah. At least you know aozha.

The End