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It’s Just Two Sisters in This House

Yet another Fiona story.

It’s just two sisters in this house. But they still live together. And they really love each other. But sometimes they hug. But they’re really sisters, I telled you. And our mom lives away from us. But sometimes my sister Rachelle buys me toys at her work.

piglet, pigelt, dog the ground.

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For Tella, From Foahz

Hi Tella. I’m just thinking of today. It’s just some sort of a thing that’s weird. I want to tell you tomorrow that I’m gonna be going to Gionna’s house. So I’m going to have to cancel coming to your house tomorrow because it’s just a decide. It’s some sort of a kite day today. I think I might visit you today Tella. In the evening and night time it’s going to be the same thing as saving this now. As a design this is my note to you. Bye! I’ll see you soon. Today.

Anyway that is James and me up there.