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The Bunny Shed/My Story

One day a little hamster crawled into a shed. He saw two bunnies. “Hello.” he said. “H-Hello.” the bunnies replied. They were crowded around some flowers. “What’s your name?” the bunnies asked. “Orange Cream.” the hamster said. “Yours?” The bunnies thought for a second. “I’m Chocolate.” the brown bunny said. “I don’t have a name.” the brown-and-white bunny said. “Oh.” Orange Cream said. Then they were friends and stayed together at the shed.

The End.

Fiona in Missouri and Kansas

Fiona is homeschooled and learning a lot as we travel around. She’s recently been in Missouri and Kansas. A class in a school in Denver Colorado is following her blog so she’s taking pictures of places she’s recently been, posting them here and waving hi to the class. Enjoy!

Coffee Vs. Juice

The reason it’s called coffee vs. juice is because we’ve been at home, then at a coffee shop, at home and then at a coffee shop.  It’s sort of like a pattern. A pattern. 1 pattern, just one.  It will ……………………………….. um……………..UNKNOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re reading this part, then you must know I’m a six year  old and here is my day. First I woke up. Then I cuddled with the stuffed dog I had cuddled with all night. Then I decided my name was Fiona. But not entirely uppercase like mommy had first done it. Well, here’s my day.

I spent a pattern going from The Wired Monk Coffee Shop and then back to where we are staying. The stuffed puppy’s name is Patch. I played hide and seek with mommy and daddy and Patch and myself and a little rubberband ball that Patch liked. We were just hiding ourselves everywhere. But Mommy didn’t hide herself and Daddy didn’t hide himself either. But I hid myself.

If you’re reading this part, it means you know I’m homeschooled. I’d rather be regular schooled but I am only just in 1st grade and we are traveling. (Too bad. I’d rather be in regular school.) For school though I did a crossword puzzle. I drew a picture of some grapes and one of the grapes was red but the rest were all  purple. I drew the picture as a thank you picture for my grape drink that is too  yummy to finish.

Earlier while we did the hide and seek or at least after that I learned about calendars. There’s November, December, June, August, there are too many to remember. There are 7 days of the week I know. Which means that I know every day of the week. But to be back to schooling…

We did some science earlier and we’re going to do some later too. We’re going to get plastic wrap and put it over our hands and do something with fruit slices and stuff. There are 3 steps in that. Apples slices, orange slices and I can’t remember what was in the middle. Oh sorry wandering from school stuff again.

So to be back to schooling. My science book has a picture of a clown fish  on front. I really like learning about maps on paper and tracing my finger and mommy’s finger too over the maps just to pretend we are traveling to places that we aren’t. We are in Canada and we’re traveling back home to California. Ten stops I guess.