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AAAAAAAAAAAAA-aa aaaaaaaaa a aaaa aaaaaaaaaa!

Aaaaaa aaaa aaa aaaaa. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa a! A aaaa aa a aaaa? “Aaaa aaa!” aa Aaaaaa. Aaaaaaa aaa “Aaaa aaa a aaaaa aaa a! Aaaa aaa a, aaaa. Aaaa?” Aaaaa aa aaa aaa a, aaa a. “Aaaa aa aa aaaaaa a a.” Aaaa aa aaaa Aaaa. Aaa aaa aaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa! A aaaa a aaaaaa, aaa aaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa aaa a a! Aaaaaaaaaa aaa a!

Aaa Aaa.

I discovered a game and site called Roblox!

Sorry that I don’t have a picture of it yet, but I bet I will soon!

Anyhow, Roblox is a game where you have a little character that is made out of blocks, and it builds.

The end???


There’s more to it than that!

On Roblox, you can check out places other players built, meet other Robloxians, make your own exiting places, customize your character, and maybe a few other things. Roblox people are called Robloxians. Robloxians are called Robloxians because…well…the game is called Roblox, isn’t it?


5 % of tea,

5 % of tea, 10000,00000000 % of sugar, 9000,0000000000000000000000 of meat, 100 % of milk, 3000,00000000000000,890 % of apple, ta-da! a SUGAR STRAP SNACK! 100000000,00000,5902 of eaters liked it! Bake it at 4:30 tempature 39, time 6 mintes and eat! 600,09603 of eaters did not like it but try it now! 1234567890000000,00000! (Numberarian words “bye”.)

The Title’s gonna be "A Great Game"

So, have you had a great game?  Or a funny thought?  Or both at the same time?  Well, I have. So, do you want to again? I asked you; it’s your turn. Yeah!!!  So, what do you want to do today?  Add comments about what you want to do today. I may add a picture, add more to this post and then it will be posted.  Or maybe the other way around. So do you want to play a game tomorrow?  Or is it regular work all the time?  Or do you mostly spend time playing with children?

So I’ll say bye bye today and tomorrow.  AS I leave you I will add a picture. But please do not say bye in your comment. Only at the end. And at the start. Bye bye I’m adding a picture. So too good.

My Funny Sleepover Thought

Tonight at my sleepover with my big sister Rachelle, which I am 5 and won’t tell you I’m 6 or any other age, well…I think that I’m going to do it tonight which I am 5 so I won’t tell you any other age. Which at least I can’t think of any other age to have a sleepover with my big sister Rachelle. Which I did tell you that she’s a big sister – mine of course…But I see that this vava could be today’s nice blog blog cause I know that today is fly a kite day again. Izzy. Cause I know that today ugh guy guy guy guy. Sa la! Goodbye!

My Funny Thought About Funnies Today

Something new that’s funny about funnies is that they might want to jump way on to your house at night. So watch out for them without bananas to jump on. And that’s the only part of this one for today. I’ll do another one. Bye bye.

My Thought About Funnies

Something about funnies is that they jump on bananas. Today they’re not going to because we don’t give them any bananas to jump on. Which is the end of my thought about funnies.