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I discovered a game and site called Roblox!

Sorry that I don’t have a picture of it yet, but I bet I will soon!

Anyhow, Roblox is a game where you have a little character that is made out of blocks, and it builds.

The end???


There’s more to it than that!

On Roblox, you can check out places other players built, meet other Robloxians, make your own exiting places, customize your character, and maybe a few other things. Roblox people are called Robloxians. Robloxians are called Robloxians because…well…the game is called Roblox, isn’t it?



  • What`s wrong?                                                                                                                                                                                             IT`S BROKEN! SHAKE IT! SHAKE IT! NOW! ok, maybe not now.  oh, yugugudgufdg      hgjigkdhgdjhgutgkdghtdkhgfhghfhgui correction~@# $5567892 for a mouse? Mouse # 55?

Qwert me!

How to describe the title:

  • A virtual pet game
  • Qwert may be what you name your virtual pet
  • The way I found Qwert and Qwerty was I found it on the keyboard
  • And last I think I would like to say that I think it should just be what your virtual pet says when it sees you walking by it.
  1. Pets are best
  2. Life is boring and three…
  3. I don’t think anybody pays attention to me unless I don’t pay attention to them.