Story characters!

These are my drawings of the characters from a story I’m planning to write.







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Impossible stuff IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE & sneezes

This is impossible:
something being impossible

This is possible:
nothing being impossible

EVERYTHING is capable of being done, but some stuff is extremely difficult to do.

A second ago I thought I was gonna sneeze, but then I didn’t.

I wish I would sneeze!

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Um… I’m back, I guess?

I’m not really back, because I never really make constant posts. But, um, hi if you’re reading this. Have you ever eaten an apple slice with peanut butter? Yes? Then you know how good that tastes.

Hey Rachelle, I hope you’re reading this, because I miss you. A LOT! Like, this much: ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— There. About that much is how much I miss you, Shelly Rachelly Jelly Bean!
Did you know that almonds taste really, really good? Cuz they do.

Ok. I’m out of stuff to write.

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A Petrified Forest!

Yesterday (I think yesterday) me and Mommy and Daddy went to the Petrified Forest Center, I think it was called. And here’s a picture!




I'm looking at a log!

I’m looking at a log!

That’s it!


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A Pet Getting Excersise, and Going to McDonalds!

YAAAY! So, today there’s only one picture to show you.

This is me, I’m a Fiona-pet!

I'm a pet, I need excersise too!

I’m a pet, I need excersise too!


Maybe when I DON’T have to get all confused about the way the pictures make the text be all wacky, I’ll write more about traveling.

Also, I had McDonalds for dinner and I got a cool black toy thing that fires little blue things when you press these buttons!


Adventures On The Road

I’m traveling! Yay! There are two pictures I have. Yay, adventures!

There’s this one…

Me swinging on a swingset with Daddy!

Me swinging on a swingset with Daddy!


And then this one!

I'm jumping off the seat! Literally!

I’m jumping off the seat! Literally!

Yay! End.

Animals, from common to endangered

Animals are really, really cool! There are happy dogs, curious cats.. There are even wolves and zebras!

These are my top 10 fave animals!

  1. Pandas
  2. Wolves
  3. Dogs
  4. Dolphins
  5. Cats
  6. Zebras
  7. Tigers
  8. Cheetahs
  9. Fish
  10. Sharks

Animals aren’t just ‘animals’, though. There are domestic, wild, and endangered. Domestic animals are fun, because they are easily kept as pets. Wild animals are my favorites because they live in the wild. Endangered animals… are sad to think about 🙁 Wild cats fall into the endangered category. So take a moment to think about them…

Okay, now imagine hugging a panda. PANDAS ARE AWESOME!!!

My homemade game – Watery Pencil Race

I made this game up, an these are the steps. (4 players limit.)
1.Get at least 2 pencils. You need as many pencils as players.
2.Set sheets of paper all over a table until the table is covered.
3.Get four crayons. Blue, yellow, red, green. Each player takes one crayon and makes a dot at one end of the paper. Have them write their names next to their dots.
4.Wet the tips of the pencils with water.
5.Ready.. set.. go! Race the pencils across the table-and paper-to the edge.
6.Dry off the pencils and look at the paper.
7.The two with the wettest and widest paper streams go to the bonus round.
Bonus Round
1.Make sure the two winners have pencils with nothing on the erasers.
2.Have them each get a tissue and a rubber band or string of some sort and tie the tissue to the eraser.
3.If it is a rubber band, stick another tissue through it and wet one end. If it is a string, make sure it is hanging loose.
4.The two of them race the pencils. The straighter line wins!

And remember, with 2 players, there is no bonus round.

AAAAAAAAAAAAA-aa aaaaaaaaa a aaaa aaaaaaaaaa!

Aaaaaa aaaa aaa aaaaa. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa a! A aaaa aa a aaaa? “Aaaa aaa!” aa Aaaaaa. Aaaaaaa aaa “Aaaa aaa a aaaaa aaa a! Aaaa aaa a, aaaa. Aaaa?” Aaaaa aa aaa aaa a, aaa a. “Aaaa aa aa aaaaaa a a.” Aaaa aa aaaa Aaaa. Aaa aaa aaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa! A aaaa a aaaaaa, aaa aaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa aaa a a! Aaaaaaaaaa aaa a!

Aaa Aaa.

The Bunny Shed/My Story

One day a little hamster crawled into a shed. He saw two bunnies. “Hello.” he said. “H-Hello.” the bunnies replied. They were crowded around some flowers. “What’s your name?” the bunnies asked. “Orange Cream.” the hamster said. “Yours?” The bunnies thought for a second. “I’m Chocolate.” the brown bunny said. “I don’t have a name.” the brown-and-white bunny said. “Oh.” Orange Cream said. Then they were friends and stayed together at the shed.

The End.