Fiona’s Paper Doll Video

Fiona wanted to make her very own video. She promises to make more. I hope you all enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Fiona’s Paper Doll Video

  1. Dear Fiona,
    We liked the movie that you made. We liked when the pink paper was flapping. We really loved the music between scenes… we even danced! We liked all the paper people you made with scissors. Mrs. Parker liked the special defects.
    We miss you!
    From, Fiona’s Kindergarten class in Colorado

  2. Well,I got the idea when i was doing some art once. I was thinking about a show i watched.In it the girls-Who were about 7 or 8 or 9 or 10-Were making a movie! But,They did it diffrent.The flapping pink paper? My home-made “buy a pearl for $67 NOW! The special defects? I put them in beacuse of cuting out the heart! My favorite color is-blue!-And favorite animal? Horse! Love, fiona. p.s. im 6 and 3 quarters now!!!!.

  3. Dearest Fiona,
    I absolutely adored your movie – I especially adored the fact that you come up with all your own ideas & artwork. I wish I was this creative when I was your age. Thank you for also sitting next to me and sharing additional comments on your scenes. Can’t wait for the next movie!

    Virgie in AZ (Mesa, Arizona)

  4. 1. Please don`t call me dearest. 2.Puh-lease! Always waiting is good for you. 3.I`m creative from color and friends. 4.Its better to only like my movie not just improve & adore it. Love, little wait-for-my-movie.

  5. Fiona, what a great family of paper dolls! You have a great imagination! I look forward to more videos.

  6. Hi teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My paper “clapping” was a advertisement for buying pearls. Also,Ummm… I`d say my favorite color is now blue. Oh,you knew that already? Wow! Uhuh,Well,So…:)(: So bye!

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