Visiting Mrs. Parker’s Kindergarten Class in Colorado

Fiona had such fun visiting Mrs. Parker’s class this week. She was sad to leave after such a short visit.

Fiona got to show the class where she’s traveled. After the school day ended, Fiona took a few minutes to read a book to herself in the class room.

Daddy also got to play his mandolin for the class.

And the next day, Fiona was in Castle Rock for a short while.

Fiona says hello to Mrs. Parker’s class and wants them to know she’s now in New Mexico.

3 thoughts on “Visiting Mrs. Parker’s Kindergarten Class in Colorado

  1. I see that Henry the Giraffe was able to make an appearance too! Yay Henry! Glad I left you in good hands 🙂

  2. Dear Fiona,
    We miss you. We had a lot of fun playing with you. We liked shaking the eggs and making music. We liked that you shared your animals with us. You can come back when you want. We are having a movie night tomorrow. We all made commercials about Toys. We wish you could come see our movies. You are so nice to us. Please come and see us again.
    Mrs. Parker’s Class

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