Once Upon a Time…

Another story Fiona dictated at 3.

Once upon a time Mary pencil met moon at silly scone as story upon a blanket stories and full of pencils. The end for you. The scone isn’t the end, but the story isn’t done yet.

And then got it – BANG! Suddenly, shirt upon a nothing and where did everybody go? They went to watch on the little TV. Then the scone was getting eaten. Then they fell through an open board. Then the pillow came to eat the scone as a pillow bite.

Necklace, necklace, golden necklace. The scone gets eaten by the necklace. Then 17 turns into Lincolnteen. Face in the moon. Then the moon said, “Why don’t I buy you a scone?”

As e ah so am new for a de end.

Fiona’s written by Mommy and Gianna; Sue and Send

This is the end of the story.

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