Me and My Tree (Pretend it is Music)

This is me and my tree standing together in the front yard. There’s no fence, my mommy got the picture. But to continue the tree. You see there are lots of blossoms as you can see in the picture. I like the blossoms. Everyday it looks like it’s closer to spring than it was yesterday. So-o, yeah like that, so as you see in these blossoms they’re pretty much all white. Do you see me?! Do you see me?! The End

3 thoughts on “Me and My Tree (Pretend it is Music)

  1. I really love the white blossoms, and I am glad that Mommy was taking the picture, since there's no fence in the front yard.

  2. Hi Fiona,
    I like your tree that is blooming. You are almost as tall as the tree. Do you think you will one day be taller than your tree? I would like to know what color your tree is when the blossoms are gone.

  3. From Fiona to Natalie:
    Hmmm….Well this is a March 22 our first day of spring! Yay, yay, yay!!! Anyway did you know that this tree today has just about 3000 blossoms? Interesting. It has a lot of blossoms than it did yesterday. The End.

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