If you are … my cold…,

If you are reading this it means you know I have a cold. Plus in all of the cold at least the cold’s up to me and I’m up to the cold. Now, the colds of life have all been around and I have one of them. Also a cold can stay for a few days, maybe even eight days. (Cough, cough, cough) Now those coughs describe my cold. Also I can’t care but say also a lot. Also, also, also, also, also, also. Now if you describe my cold and the description of this in your comment it means the picture is “off the road of the car and is outside the car and running back home.”

Now if you believe me I have a cold. And it might not be away soon. It hasn’t gone away for a few days. It’s just about been three or two or one day(s). Now this cold is very unusual. Now just a little bit more and I will be finished. The cold doesn’t go away it seems. It seems as if it came out of the blue and will not go away because it came out of the blue. Sky I would say. (Some people say blue for the sky.) Just a little bit more…just one bit more.

I do not love colds. The end.

3 thoughts on “If you are … my cold…,

  1. Even though Fiona has been sick with a cold for the last two days and was very sick in our bed last night, she still wanted to post something. This picture of her when she was a baby with her big sister holding her by the fire is comforting.

    By the way, she made sure I punctuated everything in the post just right. 🙂

  2. Colds are unfair and unfeeling and unfooting and, apparently, unfolding.

    Blue sky is wonderful, until colds come out of it.

    You are like Salvador Dali, except words, not colors.

    I am in a Salvadoran Deli, with tortas, not tortillas.

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