Recipe-ing My Funny Thoughts Today

Well, today if you had thought of making my funny thought a recipe, how would you make the recipe? Well, here’s to make my funny thought recipe.

You will definitely need flour though. You also need dough. Don’t forget – if you have paper plates, you can serve it. And don’t forget the cheese for my hair. And how about we add a little bit of some yummy sort of stuff like nuts. That would be best to make my mouth and nose.

The flour and dough is to make me thinking of thought. Now, remember, if you have fruit and other stuff to make my thinking, please make me thinking. But today is not organal for this recipe. Hello, I do not know that word!

Anyway, if you see like a scooter or something else outside, that’s best to deliver your food. As long as it has a basket. Now, here’s how to make it.

An inch of tablespoon of the flour and dough.
Onto the paper plate it goes to make my thinking.
Next add the fruit if you have any to make what I’m thinking.
You can make me think anything you want me to.

Now, the fruit you must make what you want me to think of. Make it really funny though. Anyway, now if you want, use those nuts to make my nose and mouth. If you have any strawberries, you can use those to make my tongue.

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